LUCHA Initiative


Our Latinos United for Cancer Health Advancement (LUCHA)  strives to move our Latino community from cancer health disparities to health equity, which will be accomplished through community outreach, robust representation in clinical trials, and education about the importance of preventative cancer screenings and healthy lifestyles.

The initiative has goals to increase Latino participation in cancer preventative screenings and clinical trials. Latinos are currently underrepresented in clinical trials, leaving them behind in the fight against cancer. This initiative aims to increase knowledge and awareness about cancer prevention among Latino populations in California while increasing their participation in early detection screenings and clinical trials. The initiative will conduct outreach in the community by participating in local health fairs, church and other community events. In addition to raising awareness about cancer prevention, the LUCHA Initiative will conduct a population assessment to better understand the impact of cancer on Latinos in California and how to best treat these conditions.

The LUCHA Initiative is a program run by Luis Carvajal-Carmona Ph.D., a genomics researcher and Associate Director for Basic Science and Co-Leader, Population Sciences and Health Disparities Program for the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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