See You Soon Celebration for Ana!

Lab Members with Ana

We’re saying a short farewell to Ana – as she heads back to Colombia to get her Visa sorted out. We’ll miss seeing her in the lab everyday. We’re not saying “Goodbye” – but rather “See you soon” because she’ll be returning to the lab soon.

Congratulations to Dr. Nicole Halmai on winning a presentation award from the 16th Spotlight on Early Cancer Investigators – A Cancer Research Mini-Symposium

A big congratulations to Dr. Halmai on her well-deserved presentation award. She was one of two presentation winners from this year’s UCDavis Comprehensive Cancer Center’s 2022 Spotlight on Early Cancer Investigators – A Cancer Research Mini-Symposium

She presented her current research titled, “Establishing and Characterizing Patient-Derived Models from Racial/Ethic Minority Gastric Cancer Patients to Advance Cancer Precision Health Equity“.

Dr. Carvajal-Carmona Featured in Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicines – Faculty Feature

In August 2022, the UC Davis Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine featured Dr. Carvajal-Carmon in their Faculty Feature. The featurette details Luis’ work on health disparities in Calfornia as the founding director of the Center for Advancing Cancer Health Equity at the UCDavis Comprehensive Cancer Center. The centers mission is “is to contribute to improved health outcomes for the underserved populations of northern and central California and to influence cancer policy-making at multiple levels of government.”

To read the article: UCD BMM August News Letter

For more information – Please contact Luis Carvajal-Carmona

Marginalized communities to benefit from new breast cancer research

Settlement award will fund mobile mammography and free genetic screening


UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center will soon have new tools, including a “mammovan,” to improve breast health and early cancer detection in underserved women living in rural communities.

Breast cancer initiatives spearheaded by the cancer center received $10 million from a class-action lawsuit against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The lawsuit alleged Wyeth misrepresented the benefits and risks of its hormone replacement therapy medications for women. In cases where money remains after eligible class members receive their claim payments, courts can distribute those funds to charitable causes in what’s referred to as a cy pres award.

To read more, please see the full UCDavis Health InsideOut article