Publication “Multiregional sequencing analysis reveals extensive genetic heterogeneity in gastric tumor from Latinos” included in EGRP’s Research Highlights for 2022

Publications that exemplified the research from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded research are selected and highlighted by the Epidemiology and Genomic Research Program (EGRP) Research Highlights.

We are honored that Ted Toal’s paper characterizing the genetic heterogeneity in gastric cancer was selected to be highlighted for 2022. Ted and the lab put 1000s of hours into characterizing the molecular changes that occur and identifying the heterogeneity that present in gastric tumors. We hope that this paper will inform the research and medical communities design of new research projects and treatment of gastric cancer.

Ted W. Toal, Ana P. Estrada-Florez, Guadalupe M. Polanco-Echeverry, Ruta M. Sahasrabudhe, Paul C. Lott, John J. Suarez-Olaya, Alix A. Guevara-Tique, Sienna Rocha, Alexa Morales-Arana, Fabian Castro-Valencia, Shiro Urayama, Amanda Kirane, Dongguang Wei, Nora Rios-Sarabia, Rafael Medrano, Alejandra Mantilla, Magdalena Echeverry de Polanco, Javier Torres, Mabel E. Bohorquez-Lozano, Luis G. Carvajal-Carmona; Multiregional Sequencing Analysis Reveals Extensive Genetic Heterogeneity in Gastric Tumors from Latinos. Cancer Research Communications 2 November 2022; 2 (11): 1487–1496.