Marginalized communities to benefit from new breast cancer research

Settlement award will fund mobile mammography and free genetic screening


UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center will soon have new tools, including a “mammovan,” to improve breast health and early cancer detection in underserved women living in rural communities.

Breast cancer initiatives spearheaded by the cancer center received $10 million from a class-action lawsuit against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The lawsuit alleged Wyeth misrepresented the benefits and risks of its hormone replacement therapy medications for women. In cases where money remains after eligible class members receive their claim payments, courts can distribute those funds to charitable causes in what’s referred to as a cy pres award.

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2021-22 Fellows of HACU’s Leadership Academy/La Academia de Liderazgo announced

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) has announced 25 new fellows for the coming 2021-2023 school year.

Luis was selected as a 2021-2022 Fellow for HACU’s Leadership Acacdemy (La Acadamia de Liderazgo). He will participate 5 Webinars and 3 Seminars, as well as receive mentorship with a university president or senior administrator.

Please see HACU’s 2021-2022 Fellows Announcement

Luis was selected as HACU 2021-2022 Leadership Academy Fellow

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities’ (HACU) Leadership Academy has selected Luis as a 2021-2022 Fellow for it’s Leadership Academy. HACU is a direct response to the declining rate of Hispanic University Presidents. Fellows participated in face-to-face seminars and are mentored by University Presidents with the express goal to prepare the next generation of University executives and senior level positions in higher education.

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Carvajal-Carmona lab members (Luis Carvajal-Carmona and Nicole Coggins) will particpate on the AACR panel on ‘Innovative Molecular Approaches and Models to Advance Precision Health Equity’

As part of the AACR Annual Meeting April 10-15, Luis Carvajal-Carmona, Ph.D. (Co-Chair) & Nicole Coggins, Ph.D will particpate in a discussion on Innovative Molecular Approaches and Models to Advance Precision Health Equity  – Wednesday, April 14, from 3:30 – 4 p.m. EDT.

In this session, nationally recognized scientists and emerging investigators will provide an update on the existing resources and methods that are being developed and applied to help minority populations access the benefits of precision health prevention and treatment. Precision medicine and cancer health disparity research are fields that have traditionally worked in silos. Recent efforts have been made by molecular- and population-based investigators to work together in the emerging field of precision health equity. To this end, the National Cancer Institute has fostered new initiatives to advance precision health equity by funding genomic studies and precision medicine centers that characterize tumors and models from minority patients.!/9325/session/1032