Luis’ Work Highlighted in Summer Issue of Synthesis

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In this month’s UCDavis Comprehensive Cancer Center publication “Synthesis”, our lab’s members and work was highlighted.

On Page 3, Luis’ appointment to the UCDavis Office of Academic Diversity was announced. He’s working on

The goal is to empower equity leaders and elevate the work of diverse faculty members as they solve global problems. Other priorities include supporting equitable ecosystems
for student opportunity through the DEI’s Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) initiative, and modeling equity and inclusion in higher education.

Synthesis Summer 2023

On Page 12, Luis’ work on gastric cancer disparities in Latinos is highlighted:

“Unlike in other countries where overall gastric cancer incidence is high and where there are preventive programs that identify gastric cancer early, we do not have gastric cancer screening programs in this country,” Carvajal-Carmona said.

“On the prevention side, in our ongoing studies of gastric cancer predisposition, we hope this data will help to develop ways of preventing or catching gastric cancer earlier,” Carvajal-Carmona explained. “Early
detection is key to improving patient outcomes as treatments are more effective. Using genetics, we are trying to understand why some people get gastric cancer and others don’t. It is our hope that our studies of gastric tumors will find their vulnerabilities and the combinations of mutations that can be
targeted with effective therapies, which can be moved to clinical trials.”

Luis Carvajal-Carmona, Summer 2023 Synthesis

On Page 13, Luis’ grant award from the NCI for Global Health for Health equity cancer researchers was announced. He and Laura Fejerman will be awarded $250,000 annually to train at least 4 scientists from Latin American countries per year.

On Page 35, Luis’ work as the founding director of the Cancer Center’s Center for Advancing Cancer Health Equities it hightlighed